Who We Are:

A cooperation of team of professionals will provide dedicated services to various regulated industries from financial, operational analysis, data analysis, digital media marketing and strategy design and website setup, that are tailormade to your needs and that will provide value added services, recognizing the attune, attitude and business character of each customer. 

During the provision of services the firm commits to confidentiality, reliability, transparency and efficiency, given that these values are within the inherent characteristics of its staff.  We have exceptional knowledge of our subject, we are very responsive, and we work with our customers honestly, and only in good faith.


Digital Media Marketing & Strategy Design

Data Analytics

Financial & Operational Analytics

Website Setups

Our Services:

1. Digital media marketing and strategy design

We assist you using social media marketing tools, such as apps and other platforms to enable your brand and business to connect with your target audience, increase performance, drive more traffic to your website. Our experts will help you identify your best customers and competitors. We plan for you channels that will drive highest performance through the design of marketing strategies and tracking of key metrics.

Our experts, in the industry of fintech, financial, other regulated market industries, assist you in aligning your marketing, customer service and sales on social media by analysing and publishing media and engaging across various networks. Marketing and promotion on/ through social media can bring remarkable success to your business and driving traffic and sales.

We enhance your online presence through online SEO optimisation which will work for finding the right audience for your business, increase your potential customers and convert to atual customers. Our cooperation with specialists in different industries will help you establish your main objectives for your business to grow, identify your target audience and make your content and website appears higher in search results and lead more traffic to your website. Irida, is safeguarding the core value of every relevant and potential customer’s business and is creating lasting value for customers at the intersection of marketing, technology and data analytics!

Branding will transform your business. This will help you positioned in the market and establish your presence and story. Branding will help you communicate your mission and what you stand for using digital media and platforms. Your customers will identify you across online and other offline platforms. As your agent our job is to help you craft creative messages, taglines and create an image around you and how customers will perceive and recognize you.

2. Website Setup

Our team assists in the development of informational and operational websites, web design, content writing, development of the site and rendering of ongoing maintenance support.
We provide assistance and advisory services in the Graphic Design of the website and advertising material to сrеаtе еffесtіvе and relevant designs and соnсерtѕ fоr уоur business.

3. Date Analysis

Our specialists, assess end evaluate stored data and compare the data collected to the profile of users and application of personalised means of communications to identify key insights into a business’ customers and make conclusions on your target audience. We always ensure that collection was established through lawful means of communications, relevant to your target audience.

We review data selected by personalised ads after use of cookies, personalised content profile of data users, measure content performance to ensure that date relevant to the selected industry market audience.

4. Business Advisory – Financial and Operational analysis

Our professionals will assist you in your financial and operational analysis of your business performance in the context of its industry and economic environment for making informed decisions; industries we serve are mainly fintech, financial and other regulated market industries. We assist you in evaluating businesses, projects, budgets and other finance related transactions under consideration in deciding your next move.
We will assist you in the analysis and review of various financial reports and information, by interpreting past and present financial data of your business, next project and potential investments.

Our operational analysis services focus on the targeted areas and functions of your business through the implementation of action plans and effective monitoring to address deficiencies and increase effectiveness and performance.